The new crown epidemic in the Netherlands has risen by 64% in a week

Xinhua News Agency, The Hague, June 14 (Reporter Wang Xiangjiang) The Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment issued a communiqué on the 14th, saying that in the week ending on the 14th, there were 15,526 new confirmed cases of the new crown in the Netherlands, a significant increase of 64% from the previous week.

The agency said that new subtypes BA.4 and BA.5 of the Omicron strain are spreading at an accelerated rate in the Netherlands, which may account for the sharp increase in the number of new confirmed cases. The number of new confirmed cases has risen in all age groups, and the number of virus particles detected in sewage across the Netherlands has risen for two weeks in a row, data shows.

While no significant increase in new hospitalizations has been detected, the virus could still have serious consequences for vulnerable populations, the agency said. It is not currently in the season of frequent influenza, and cold symptoms may be infected with the new coronavirus, so people should actively carry out nucleic acid testing after related symptoms.

Official statistics from the Netherlands show that as of the 14th, the Netherlands had a total of 8,110,818 confirmed cases of new crowns and a total of 22,336 deaths.


Post time: Jun-15-2022