The Coronavuris is coming to an end

Coronavuris treatment drugs are coming to provide treatment support for infected patients.

The launch of Merck and Pfizer’s COVID-19 drugs gives people the opportunity to choose specific drugs after being infected with the coronavuris, and psychologically they no longer have to worry about the fear of ventilator intubation that they have seen before in the ICU. In the future, more oral drugs for COVID-19 will be on the market, and these drugs can be easily purchased for self-treatment after infection.

Covid-19 detection is currently the most mature field. Nucleic acid and antigen tests are basically readily available, and the public can easily diagnose whether they are infected with Covid-19. In China, nucleic acid detection capabilities are very powerful, and both personal needs and large-scale nucleic acid screening have high-efficiency advantages. In foreign countries, self-testing of covid-19 antigens can also be purchased in pharmacies, which is very convenient.

Similarly, the large-scale vaccination of vaccines successfully blocked the large-scale spread of the epidemic and made a huge contribution to the prevention of infection. my country’s vaccination is already at a high rate, and countries such as Europe and the United States have also generally achieved vaccination. At present, vaccination in non-developed countries is still relatively low. Whether it is an inactivated vaccine or an mRNA vaccine, as well as countless other vaccines with different technical paths, they provide protection for the normal activities of the people. my country has begun to vaccinate the third dose of vaccines and children’s vaccines, and the protection of the whole people will be further increased.

In the future, vaccine + covid-19 antigen test + oral drugs should become a major choice. Vaccines are supplied by the state, covid-19 antigens test are self-screened for infection, and drugs are purchased for treatment after infection is confirmed. Nucleic acid testing will also exist, but large-scale full-staff screening should be gradually cancelled. This method is suitable for the current domestic epidemic prevention policy, because the external environment is still relatively harsh. However, full-staff screening will consume a lot of human and material resources in the hospital system, and will also affect the normal order of diagnosis and treatment. In the future when the overall environment becomes better, it should not be carried out on a regular basis.

Post time: Nov-16-2021