Omicron is far more harmful than influenza

Despite being weaker than previous COVID-19 variants, Omicron is still much deadlier than flu, especially for those who are not fully vaccinated, experts said on Wednesday.


The overall COVID-19 mortality rate in Hong Kong is about 0.7 percent, significantly higher than that of the seasonal flu, Wang Guiqiang, director of the Infectious Diseases Department at the Peking University First Hospital, said at a press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council on Wednesday.


“A great hint the data of Hong Kong gave us is that the patient’s death rate is closely related to their vaccination status,” emphasized Wang, saying that “the mortality rate in Hong Kong could fall from 3.2 percent to 0.96 percent if the patients receive one dose of vaccine. The death rate will further be reduced to 0.14 percent with two doses and 0.03 percent with three doses of vaccine.”


Wang urged the elderly and those with underlying health conditions to get vaccinated and especially take a booster shot to truly reduce the ferocity of Omicron.

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Post time: Apr-08-2022