Another new variant of COVID-19 mutation appears! Is the new variant worth worrying about?

Local time on January 5th, according to a number of French media reports, last December 9th, the French Marseilles Mediterranean infectious disease medical and Teaching Research Institute said, found a new variant of COVID-19 strain, the virus number is B.1.640.2, also known as the “IHU” strain. The strain contained 46 mutation points and 37 deletions.

The strain was first found in a patient who returned to France from Congo. So far, the Mediterranean Institute of infectious diseases medical and teaching research in Marseille has found 12 cases of the virus infection. Due to the small number of samples, it is difficult to assess its infectivity and risk. The World Health Organization has listed the strain as a COVID-19 variant under observation

Although some scientists have expressed concern about the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the paca region of southern France in recent days, most researchers believe that the current transmission level of the mutant is very low and can not compete with the delta mutant that promoted the fifth wave of epidemic in France or the highly infectious Omicron mutant.



Post time: Jan-07-2022