Babesia gibsoni Antibody Rapid Test

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The Babesia gibsoni Antibody Rapid Test is a highly sensitive and specific test for the detection of BG Ab in whole blood, serum or plasma. The test delivers speed, simplicity and Test quality at a price point significantly lower than other brands.

Babesia gigas is small, mostly located at the edge of the erythrocyte or centrally, in the form of rings, ovals, rounded apices, small rods, and occasionally cross-shaped tetrasomatids and small pear-shaped pairs. There can be 1-13 parasites in a single erythrocyte, with 1-2 parasites being more common. The vectors of Babesia gigas are the long-horned, sickle-headed, and red-headed ticks, which are transmitted either by darting or by metamorphosis.

Sick dogs have high fever, jaundice and respiratory distress. In some dogs, the spleen is enlarged and sensitive to touch. Protein and possibly hemoglobin are present in the urine. The disease often has a chronic course, with intermittent fever only early in the course of the disease. Affected dogs are usually highly anemic but do not have xanthogranuloma. While the appetitive state is good, the body is highly emaciated and the urine contains hemoglobin and protein. The disease resolves in 3-6 months if the affected dog is able to survive the disease without dying.


Product Name Babesia gibsoni Ab Test cassette
Brand Name Testsealabs
Place of Origin Hangzhou Zhejiang, China
Size 3.0mm/4.0mm
Format Cassette
Specimen Whole Blood, Serum
Accuracy Over 99%
Certificate CE/ISO/FDA
Read Time 10min
Warranty Room temperature 24 months
OEM Available

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