African Swine Fever Virus(ASF) Rapid Test

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This African Swine Fever Virus ASF rapid test is used to detect African swine fever virus in the secretions of suspected sick pigs and dead pigs.

African swine fever (English name: Infection with African swine fever virus, abbreviation: ASF) is an acute, hemorrhagic, virulent infection caused by African swine fever virus (English name: African Swine fever virus, abbreviation: ASFV) infecting domestic pigs and various wild boars (such as African wild boars, European wild boars, etc.). It is an acute, hemorrhagic and virulent infectious disease. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) classifies it as a legally reported animal disease, and it is also one of the priority animal diseases in China. It is characterized by a short pathogenesis, the most acute and acute infection mortality rate of up to 100%, clinical manifestations of fever (up to 40-42 ℃), rapid heartbeat, respiratory distress, some cough, eyes, nose with plasma or mucous purulent discharge, skin cyanosis, lymph nodes, kidney, gastrointestinal mucosa obvious hemorrhage, African swine fever clinical symptoms and symptoms similar to swine fever, can only rely on laboratory monitoring to confirm the diagnosis.


Product Name ASF Test cassette
Brand Name Testsealabs
Place of Origin Hangzhou Zhejiang, China
Size 3.0mm/4.0mm
Format Cassette
Specimen secretions
Accuracy Over 99%
Certificate ISO
Read Time 10min
Warranty Room temperature 24 months
OEM Available


• Materials Provided
1.Test Cassette   2.Droppers  3.Buffer  4.Package Insert

• Materials Required But Not Provided
1.Timer 2. Specimen collection containers  3.Centrifuge (for plasma only)  4.Lancets (for fingerstick thole blood only)  5.Heparinized capillary tubes and dispensing bulb (for fingerstick thole blood only)


CLEAR RESULTS The detection board is divided into two lines, and the result is clear and easy to read.
EASY Learn to operate 1 minute and no equipment required.
QUICK CHECK 10minutes out of results, no need to wait long.

Directions For Use


1) All reagents and samples must be at room temperature(15~30°C) before use.
2) Collect the samples.
Collect the samples using a swab. Insert the swab into the assay diluents tube and mix the swab for 10 seconds.
3) Wait for 1 minute to settle down the sample.
4) Please remove the test device from the foil pouch, and place it on a flat and dry surface.
5) Add four (4) drops of the mixed sample into the sample hole using the dropper, drop by drop vertically.
6) Start the timer. The sample will flow across the result window. If it does not appear after 1 minute, add one more drop of mixed sample to the sample hole.
7) Interpret test results at 5~10 minutes. Do not read after 20 minutes.



Positive: The presence of both C band and T band, no matter T band is clear or vague.
Negative: Only clear C band appears.
Invalid: No colored band appears in C zone, no matter whether T band appears.


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