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Brain Zhou

General Manager-HangZhou ANTIGEN technology Co.,LTD

Hangzhou Testsea Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("Testsea Biotech" for short) as a subsidiary of HangZhou ANTIGEN technology Co.,LTD ,Founded in 2015 and achieved market breakthroughs in only 6 years, and its business scale soared to several hundred million yuan.

In today's increasingly fierce market competition, as a new company, why can Testsea Biotech stand out in the segment of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagent products? It only began to intervene in the foreign trade field in 2019. Why can Testsea Biotech make gains in important overseas markets? This is due to the various timely strategies implemented by Testsea Biotech: one is to stand on the "window" of the development of the industry; the other is to use technological innovation as the driving force; the third is that the platform construction is effective; the fourth is to value the digital trend... …No one’s success is easy. Behind the achievements of Testsea Biotech is the hard work of the entire team and the dedication to the research and development of core technologies.